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Hands have always exerted a great fascination on me.  Here will be created a page about hands. Only hands, hands, hands.

Serbian woman proudly looks at her extremely big hands

The (largest possible) hands of a woman always make me nervous. Very nervous!

They are among the first parts of a woman's body that I look at longer and more intensively. And they tell me right away if it's worth getting closer to this woman. Because if the fingernails are glued on, are too long and are still square, any interest passes from me.

But if the hands are big with natural fingernails, my interest in the "owner" increases immensely. Then with pronounced veins,  and I feel like in paradise.

However, this combination is rather a rare stroke of luck. In my films Susi was such a stroke of luck.
My longing wish was and still is the loud clapping contact of a big woman's hand on my thigh. The subsequent burning of the skin and the seconds later resulting red handprint are the most intimate and personal (foreplay) I can imagine.
Before my marriage 1980 ( and sometimes while, to be honest ), I went to professional Doms. At that time they had no use for  "handSpanking" or "hand fetish" and demanded the so-called "perverse surcharge".



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