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I'm looking for female talents with extraordinary body features ...

Natural bracelets: Veins

"Only through veins an arm becomes beautiful and interesting. Arms without visible veins are boring and impersonal like those of a gesso or marble statue. The venous drawings are a beautiful natural adornment of the arms, and a very individual one, because there are no two people in the world with the same vein patterns. Veins may look very nice on the back of the foot, too, if they are not varicose veins. "

This statement of an unknown author, I have found on the Internet and can only fully agree.

And that brings me back to my school days.

My art teacher in elementary school had strong protruding veins on the backs of her hands and forearm, right up to her biceps. And even on the inner side of her forearms. I wonder until today why this is engraved in my memory. Why I just remember this body feature and not her face anymore? If we were to paint or tinker in art classes, she went from table to table, examining our works, resting her arms on the table, or fiddling with her hands on the object a pupil was making. Of course, often very close to me, at my table. And so I had her sinewy hands and arms, traversed with prominent veins, only a few inches away from my eyes. And somehow that must have impressed me, otherwise I would not have that memory. And she was also our gym teacher.

For this I have to tell a little bit about how - back then, at the end of the 50's, in the beginning of the 60's - a sports lesson took place and what I remember.


I remember the very specific smell of sweat and the dirty hands caused by the floor covering  the gym. I remember the locker room and the shower room. And of course I also remember the muscular legs and calves, the veins crossed the arms and hands of this gym teacher. And the following picture is still in my mind today and in my ears: We should walk in circles in the gym and whenever she clapped her hands we should jump. I could not join that day the pysical education because I had a foot sprain, but I had to be present and sit on one of those wooden gym benches and watched the "spectacle". The sports teacher sat next to me and gave her instructions. So, my classmates ran in circles and whenever the gym teacher clapped their hands, they had to jump. A schoolmate whose skin was as white as milk was dumping around and not hopping at the right time. This happened right in front of the bench where I and the gym teacher were sitting. The PE teacher got up, went to the pupil and slapped him on the bare back with the palm of her hand. The blow was so violent that the classmate fell to the ground. When he stood up again with a face distorted with pain, the whole hand of the gym teacher drew bright red on his back. She sat down next to me on the wooden bench and I felt a certain fear of her and a huge respect. She rested her arms on her thighs and I saw these pronounced veins on her arms and hands at first hand. Up close! Tumbling close to my legs.

This picture has burnt in my head. Was it the key to later sexual fantasies? Strong veins for power and strength, the bright red handprint on the back of the classmate and that loud clapping, right next to me, when she called the classmates to jump. In retrospect, I think that both, the visual and the acoustic impressions have influenced my life.

Prominent armveins and handveins


I remember well an experience as an adolescent.

During a hairdresser's visit, a young woman cut my hair, who had a lot of and extremely pronounced veins on the hands and arms, also on the inside of the arms.
And those arms moved only a few inches from my eyes.
I felt the power of her hands as she shampooed me.
The power of her hands and the sight of the bulging veins teased me very much.
I wished then that this haircut never ends.

At the time, I did not know that this was one of my "fetishes" and that the sight of pronounced veins in a woman aroused me so much. Or the desire to touch and caress the hand or arm with such pronounced veins.

Mighty Thighs ( 70 cm plus)

Video Capture of Grit hammer's mighty thighs

In our neighborhood lived a boy whose mother was a gym teacher at a girls' boarding school, as I learned later. I often went past the boarding school and was able to watch this teacher and her students doing physical education outdoors in the summer.

Particularly striking were her huge thighs and strong calves. I had never seen such massive, but well-defined thighs in a woman until later on the shot putters from the Eastern bloc or the former GDR. With every step, the quads of this PE teacher bulged clearly.

I felt curiosity, fascination and respect for this gym teacher with those impressive thighs.

Every day I had to pass the sports field of the girls' boarding school on the way to my school, again and again. At least in summer, I could admire these mighty thighs. I would gladly have stopped and watched the teacher for longer than just passing by. But I did not dare, thought then she may notice my fascination with her thighs. So it stayed with short, inconspicuous looks.

But somehow I got in touch with her son, who was about my age, and we became friends, played together in the vineyards, built caves and roasted potatoes in rice piles.

Once on a hot summer vacation day, he took me to his home, but the time was not right. It was probably a few hours later than his mother allowed.

Ilona Slupianek

Well, in short: The door opened, a sounding bitchslap, my new friend fell from the force of the blow against me, rubbed his cheek, stumbled into the house, me totally terrified after him.

Only now I registered, from whom the unexpected bitchslap came. It must have been his mother. I saw a woman walk in front of us, in sneakers, these tight Adidas sports pants - blue with a white stripe on the side - and my eyes immediately fell on those thigh muscles, which bulged at every step.

My breath caught. I got a dry throat from one second to the other. That was her, the gym teacher from the girls' boarding school.

Only two meters away from me. Her thighs seemed even more powerful, even more impressive than from a distance to the boarding-school sports field.

I think I was trembling with excitement. Between the time of the sounding slap until now no word fell. My new friend was still rubbing his left cheek, which was flushed to the neck. I could see that when I walked past him on the left. But my eyes fell instantly back to his mother's legs. Like a magnet, her thighs pulled my eyes. They were as close as never before. And they seemed even more gigantic than before.

A strong female rear can also endear

Even if it is beyond the norm, a broad back radiates strength and superiority in a woman and is not only useful in everyday life, but can also be very sexy. For example, if she heaves her suitcase in the overhead of the train with ease.
Many women today train in gyms to get a toned body. This includes the back training. And strong back muscles are important in everyday life, especially in order to be able to defend yourself effectively as a woman against sexuel herassment. The stronger the back, the more powerful are the blows to ward off an attacker.
And in my films, of course, acts a performer with a strong back are alone from the sight very convincing.

Tall woman with strong back at an Amazon fest

Exceptionally large hands

The exceptionally large hands of Uma Thurman

The most famous celebrities with exceptionally large hands is probably the US actress Uma Thurman (Kill Bill, 2003). Although she is not exceptionally tall at 183 cm, her hands are quite obvious.
In the fetish scene, for example, "Amazon Cinthia" at 204 cm tall and 115 kg body weight has exceptionally large feet (shoe size 47) and hands (I guess around 23 cm).
I would like to mention two women with unusually large hands, the 202 cm Russian volleyball player Ekaterina Gamova. With a shoe size of 49 (in words forty-nine) it is no wonder that their hands are also huge. And the former Russian basketball legend Uljana Semjonova, 217 cm, shoe size 58 EU, 21 US, about whom I also run a facebook fanpage. Unfortunately, all my attempts to contact her, have failed. So I can even extrapolate their hand length, and that to about incredible 28 cm. Check also my Blog-gallery of Uljana.

Most tall women also have big feet and big hands. But even here the exception sometimes confirms the rule, because I have already met some women around the 175 cm with very large hands, for example a water polo player. She also told me that you can forget this sport if you have too small hands.


The gigantic hands of Uljana Semjonova


Other predestined sports for women with above-average hands are swimming, basketball and volleyball. And occasionally you can see very tall women with relatively small hands.

I myself am fascinated by oversized female hands since I can think.





Uljana Semjonova's gigantische Hand
Uljana Semjonova's gigantic hand in comparison with a man's back

My hand in comparison with Mikayla's hand

I remember the huge hands of our teacher - for me as a child at that time they were giant - with which she repeatedly clapped loudly and insistently when we were restless or inattentive. We jumped together, had respect for this clapping and of course respect for her and her big hands, with which she often slapped us. A spanking tool - after the 1960 forbidden cane - that she always carried with her: the hand.
If she pulled her rings off her fingers, put them on the teacher's desk, and then quoted one of us in front of the class, we knew that face slaps were indicated. And in front of the whole class.
Then we were quiet as a mouse.  And then it clapped. Sometimes only once, sometimes it were salvos from six to eight claps.
In very bad cases, she went to the sink to the left of the door and wet her hands before she slapped a face. We knew that these so-called "wet slaps" hurt so badly that even the biggest and toughest guy in the class was in tears.
I myself never caught this hardest form of face slaps, but the result was also clearly visible to me: bright red cheeks and blue underlined finger marks on the neck of the delinquent.
The sound of clapping and face slapping hands I still have in my ears today. And today I find it erotic when a woman claps her hands. And I love women's volleyball. The sound clapping of big women's hands on the ball.

Dagmar's hand- and fingerprints on his back


There are many reasons why I am looking for women with exceptionally large hands for future photo shots and film projects.
They clap louder and decorate the skin they encounter, with larger, more impressive red hand prints, short-term tattoos, bodypainting, than those of the small-handed women.
My slogan: The bigger, the more it claps and hurts.




With her height and exceptionally large hands, Dagmar would be able to choke a harasser with her bare hands. At least the male actor got some panic in this action.


My former label montenegroVideos made Astrid well-known in the 90s
by an article in the German women's magazine "Petra"


Astrid in der Frauenzeitschrift Petra in den 90ern

You have a strict facial expression

Video Capture of very strict looking  Nadine Kleinert

This strict look, as the German shot putter Nadine Kleinert (190 cm, 94 kg) has in the picture above, my sports teacher had, if she was annoyed about us. As a pupil, I always got a dry mouth, especially since the teacher was much bigger and stronger than me as a 10-year-old.

Strenger Blick von oben nach unten

Even today, women fascinate me when they have a strict facial expression. And when they are tall, on top of that. Then I feel like a 10-year-old pupil again. For the moment I feel set back in another world, when I encounter strict looks of women: On the street, in the supermarket, in the beer garden.
Then my mental cinema starts.

When the strict look goes from top to bottom, as on the TV screenshot, this is usually enough to generate respect without words . The Slavic type of woman with high cheekbones is predestined for this stern look.

It would be tempting to do a photo or video shoot with a woman with a naturally severe facial expression and perhaps another body feature, such as pronounced veins and height, additionally.

I founded also a facebook group with actually 20.000 members, named Strict and Arrogant Looking Women

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