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Nice that you come by here!

Dagmar 188 cm tall and athletic  Take a look at her calves.

Too bad that I can not see if you are a tall woman or an Amazon. Or a man who likes Amazons or tall women.

Maybe you are a woman with pronounced veins on your hands or arms. The sinewy type of woman. Or you do not shave your hair down your arms or legs because you are a natural woman and you want to stay natural.

And you're still one of the men who like such natural women and not those same-looking Botox Barbie Dolls with such overlong, angularly-cut false fingernails?

You are a woman with mighty thighs and strong calves?

You have bigger hands than the average woman? Or you just have a strict facial expression, prominent cheekbones?

Then you should continue to rummage here, because I am looking for women with extraordinary body features for film and photo shoots. And male pendants. Small, slender,  fair-skinned. For a remarkable, striking contrast.

What awaits you here?

Don't worry! Even if your first thought maybe go to porn movies. I can calm you down. Or have to disappoint you.  But with a kind of fetish my films have to do anyway. If this is uncomfortable for you, you should leave my homepage now!

Well, how do I best describe the films or photoshoots that are at stake here and for which I am looking for suitable performers?

These are very special films that came from my experiences in my childhood and youth in the 60s. Experiences that have influenced my life, my sexuality.

ThighSmacks in one of my videos

Two teachers in elementary school. The female gym teacher, a tall and huge woman. She looked like a giantess to us children: powerful and frightening. When she clapped her big hands for silence, we were quiet as a mouse. Because we had respect for her strong hands with which she distributed sounding face slaps or left red fingerprints on our legs with her greatly feared thigh smacks.

Our class teacher was a very athletic woman with bulging veins on her hands and arms. And she was a brunette, racy type of woman with armpit hair and dark fuzz on her arms and legs. When she stood at the blackboard, her strong calves catched our eyes. She, too, had a swinging hand, as the saying goes. Her specialty were smacks on the inside of the arms. That burned like fire.

Thigh smacks: Popular punishment method in the 60s

We took the slaps and smacks sporty then. We did not know it differently. And I did not become a masochist, sadist or whatever. Even so, it influenced my sexuality as a seven to eleven year old and beyond. I worshiped these two teachers. No, that's no joke. That was the case with me. A red cheek or red fingerprints on my leg were like a kind of trophy to me. A proof that she cared about me. She had to like me so much, I thought.

Add to this the burning sensation on the skin, especially with a sharp smack to the legs, which triggered a sexual arousal with me even as a child. But even the clapping noise or the simple watching, when it caught others, aroused certain feelings in me. Nice feelings.

So, these two women were able to influence me at the age of about 7 to 14 years in such a way that I developed a kind of fetish to women of the same type.

The face slaps and thigh smacks of my teachers hurt, but they also gave me happiness.

I sensed something was stirring, I sensed that my sexuality was awakening.  A red handprint of the female gym teacher on my thigh was like a gift for me, which I could watch for hours and what could give me satisfaction.

There were wo perspectives: First the burning pain on the skin and then the beautiful feeling. First hatred, then worship and even love for the teacher. Yes, my life later also had two perspectives: The fact that only very few women could fulfill my wishes and again and again the desire that a big, strong female "gym teacher" comes across and  beams me back into my schooldays, sometimes ...

Exactly for you I'm looking in my new film projects!

You are a tall, athletic and self-confident woman who is able to deliver such strong smacks with the open hand that a clear red handprint on the rear, the thighs or the chest of the "film partner" is visible. You should also be able to distribute face slaps so precisely, yet "safely", that no injuries occur or you'll be ready to learn the technique.
I realize that I am looking for the so-called needle in a haystack, but the right "frontwoman" for my new film projects has the opportunity to join the existing "GbR" company as an active partner and continue my film label "AnnDees Amazons" in the near future. No capital required. The capital are you.

If you feel addressed now, just send me an eMail right now.

You are also welcome to contact me via my Discord chat channel.

This is how a real Amazon acts. Notice the fear in his eyes.

I am also looking for female talents with pronounced veins on the arm, on the hands and actresses with very huge thighs (70 cm plus) and strong calves.
As a male actor, I'm looking for small, fair-skinned, boyish-looking counterparts who enjoys making a passive part in the movies. Even passive female actresses, small and fair skinned, would fit into my screenplays.

Translation of my poem: Traumfrau gesucht

Dreamwoman wanted, oh, that will be hard.
So, women out there, listen!

She should be very tall
because I don't dig small.

Armpit and leg hair not shaved,
even if that's out of place today.

Fingernails: normal length,
not this faked, glued-on long "claws".

In her strong thighs and tight calves
my eyes will enjoy.

Also the hands should be:
Pretty, strong and not too small!

Pronounced veins on the arm and on the hand,
are the most natural bracelet, that's known.

Not the way, these Botox dolls are looking today,
I would never go out with such a woman.

I would push her, resolute, but gallant
out of my bed .

Sporty and athletic she should be,
that would be nice!

You're right: you hardly find such a woman,
so it was just a dream.

... and it does not rhyme in English

Author: AnnDee, The Daydreamer

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