What Is Macrophilia?

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The woman of the future?

Here emerges a page about macrophilia. No, macrophilia is nothing indecent!

Since I'm myself macrophilous in this manner, that I  get sexually aroused by women who are taller than me, I would like to report here about macrophilia in my view. Incidentally, the macrophilia in me also refers to the (larger) hands of my sexual partner. Feet, on the other hand, do not interest me, in contrast to the multitude of macrophilic men. And I am only interested in real tall women, so not in fantasy giantesses on fake photos.

The stupid thing about the whole affair is that obviously there is no sexual orientation in women, so that women are sexually stimulated by men who are smaller than themselves. So there does not seem to be a "counterpart" to the macrophilic man. That would be microphilic women. Women who get sexually aroused by smaller men.

In contrast, I already believe that there are macrophilic women. An indication of this is that most women want a man who is taller than themselves.

I am firmly convinced that this sexual preference was born in my childhood.

The teachers who slapped and smacked me, were bigger than me when I was ten years old. And my sports teacher was not only tall, but also had those huge, but well-defined thighs that make me crazy until today.

Yes, I just like everything a size bigger.

It crosses my mind now that in the animal kingdom the females are often larger and therefore stronger than their male counterparts. In eagles and hawks, insects and fishes that is so and in a few cases in mammals. One reason for this is probably that the females have to protect their brood from attackers. Actually, the women in this day and age, in which they are increasingly sexually harassed, should also be larger and stronger than the men. Just for fun. But maybe human development will go in that direction in the future. Unfortunately, that's too late for me

But then there's the matter with my vein fetish or the hairy arms and legs passion. A woman with these characteristics may also be smaller in my booty scheme. Strange, right?

But maybe that's an indication that I prefer the slightly more masculine, stern-looking type of woman with distinctive facial features. That makes up for the missing height.

According to Wikipedia, macrophilia is not a fetish. It should be mentioned, however, that there are hardly any scientifically substantiated findings or publications on macrophilia and that it was first made known to the public through the internet.

In my opinion - apart from the GTS macrophilia and the so-called crush variant (the desire to be crushed by a giantess) - there is always a fetish involved: Big feet, or like me big hands.

And in my opinion, a macrophilitically inclined man is often aroused alone by the presence of a tall woman.
Just like today, when I stood behind an almost one-head taller woman with a huge buttocks, sturdy thighs and calves, and just because of this situation, I felt that I was small and weak, as I was when I was ten years old.
Also the comparison to the size of the woman standing in front of her has sexually stimulated me.
Often then also the mental cinema begins. I then imagine touching her butt and therefore receiving a sounding face slap from her.
In the '60s, when I was a child, one could almost daily see tall, well-built women punishing their sassy brats on the spot. You did not need as much imagination as you do today. Since only the idea is almost prosecutable.

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